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Pentecost Sunday 2017 - National Dress Day

Pentecost Day 2017

Pentecost 2017

Pentecost Sunday 2017


Teenagers lead the service February 2017

Music group

Music Group 2

Service leaders

The Starmaker

Our Christmas presentation

The Starmaker Creation


The Starmaker Bethlehem

The manger of Bethlehem

The Starmaker Carpenters workshop

The Carpenter's workshop of Nazareth

The Cross of Jerusalem

The Cross of Jerusalem

The Starmaker Risen

The Starmaker is risen! Alleluia!

The Starmaker cast

The cast of The Starmaker with MiniKidz

Harvest 2016

This year we celebrated with a 'Messy Harvest'. After a time of praise and worship, webrought our gifts of money for the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, which supports those displaced by the current conflicts, and our gifts of food for the local Food Bank, to the front of the church, to add to the harvest display. We then had the option to join a choice of craft groups in the hall, a Bible study group in the church, or a psalm-writing group in the gallery. We joined together again in the church and shared what we had been doing. The service concluded with a brief message on Psalm 65, and a closing hymn, before we shared refreshments in the hall.

Harvest 2016 1

The harvest display

Harvest 2016 2

'Ruth' bookmarks

Harvest 2016 3

Vegetable print cards for our missionaries

Harvest 2016 4

Fruity animals

Harvest 2016 5

Creation and Our World

Harvest 2016 6

A Bible study group

We also wrote our own psalm!

How great are the works of your hand, O Lord our God!

All of creation sings your praise.

Rejoice, yes we will rejoice in you, O Lord!

Victorious are all your decrees and commandments.

Elevate my eyes to the things of your kingdom, seeking what is above with all my heart.

Shout praise to the Lord God, your Saviour.

Thank you Lord for all your goodness to us.

The seas will roar at your name and the mountains will cry out in praise.

How humble we feel when we come before your majesty.

Alpha and Omega, you are the beginning and the end. Hallelujah!

Nothing in all creation can fathom your everlasting love. Praise God!

King of kings, and Lord of lords, we bow before your majesty.

Year by year, the earth yields its bounty.

O Lord our God, we thank you for seed time and harvest and for all your provision for us.

Unite us by your great might as you uphold this universe.

Can you find the hidden message in our psalm? Answer at the bottom of the page!

Youth and Children's Ministry Training Day

On Saturday 16th April 2016, a team from Emmanuel Christian Centre, Haverfordwest, came to lead a training day for the youth and children's workers in the church. About 20 of us attended, and came away 'buzzing' with all that we had learned. We were also treated to a superb hot lunch. On Sunday morning, Daniel, Sarah and Robyn led the children's and young people's groups. They came back into the church at the end of the service to show everyone what they had learned.

Youth  Childrens Ministry training 1

Robyn demonstrating her 'magic'.

Youth  Childrens Ministry training 2


Childrens  Youth Ministry training 3


Youth  Childrens Ministry training 4

Wise Strides

Welcome to Abigail Josephine!
A daughter for Edward and Sheeba.

Edward, Sheeba and Abigail
Congratulations to her happy parents. We pray for God's blessing on them as a family.

Harvest psalm answer: Harvest Thankyou!