Message from our Pastor

A New Year is upon us again.  While I think that globally things are in a more positive place than last year, there is still much uncertainty. 

This uncertainty can make us feel insecure and disorientated.  So how do we overcome these feelings, and move on with purpose?

In Psalm 19 we are given some principles to help us when the foundations of our lives seem to be shifting or even collapsing, or when we have difficult decisions to make and the way ahead is unclear.  Just trusting our emotions might be wrong as they often simply tell us to do what feels best to us, whether right or wrong.

Firstly we can look at God’s creation.  This reminds us of God’s majesty, and that nothing is beyond His capability to sort out.

Secondly we can study His word, the Bible.  If we are plugged in to the scriptures they help us to feel certain of the truths they tell us about God and give us a clear direction for making the right call.  Certainly if taking a certain course of action means we are acting contrary to our Biblical mandate then we need to do the opposite.

Thirdly we need to be open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.  This is best done by seeking Him in prayer, but at any time He might convict us that something is right or wrong.  If that happens we need to be obedient to it, and follow this conviction.  This may also happen through the Lord guiding people in their advice to us.  It is always worth asking for wise advice, but it is good to limit this to a few people, and to those who don’t have a vested interest in our decision.

Fourthly we need to pursue the path most honouring to God.  In Psalm 19:14 it says: May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer” (NLT).

So whether we have a difficult decision to make or are just feeling uncertain about life in general we can take steps to doing what is right in God’s sight and walk in confidence through the often troubled waters of this life.