Message from our Pastor

It was very kind of everyone recently to mark 10 years since my family and I arrived in Hounslow to first be co-pastor and then a year later to take on the sole-pastorate here at Hounslow Evangelical Church.

The words and gifts were generous, and it was nice to have the landmarked by such a kind and humbling occasion.

I have since reflected on the changes which have taken place in the last 10 years, in my family, the church, the local area, the nation and the world.

When we arrived Greta had just started infant school (and I remember it being pretty miraculous that she got into Bishop Perrin with almost no notice and in the middle of an academic year!) and Jeremy was of nursery age.  Now they are in the middle of their secondary school lives, with the pressure of exams and of being teenagers.

Maya had barely worked as a teacher in the UK before we arrived, but now she is a fairly long standing class teacher in Cranford Primary School.

The church has gone through big changes too.  Like Hounslow itself, the church is transient and there is a big turnover of people.  It seems to be harder to resource our activities now, and we have pressures particularly on leadership, but there is also much to thank God for, not least with opportunities on the High Street and with older people, as well as very vibrant Sunday services.

The nation has changed too, moving seemingly further away from godliness and Biblical morals, and there has also been the upheaval caused by the decision to leave the EU and of course the coronavirus pandemic.  This has, of course, affected the whole world and, at least for the medium term, has changed life in many ways as we know it. 

Yet in all of this we know that we can rely on God to be consistent.  Hebrews 13:8 says: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”  (NLT)  We can celebrate Christmas, this same unchanging Christ’s coming to earth as a baby, confident of this fact and that He is with us!