Samaritans Purse - Operation Christmas Child

Another exceptional year, and our 7th as an exporting warehouse. On Saturday 26th November, we packed a shipping container with 783 cartons containing about 7,800 shoeboxes. The boxes had been checked in our warehouse over a period of two and a half weeks, after being collected or delivered from local schools, churches and drop-off points. At times the task seemed overwhelming, but our magnificent team of volunteers pulled out all the stops, spending long hours checking and packing. Almost 700 hours were spent in the warehouse, plus the hours put in by our drivers, this year. We were very grateful for the 'strong team' who turned up to load the container, which is now on its way to Swaziland - a first for us, as in previous years our boxes have gone to Eastern Europe. Please continue to pray for the children who will receive our boxes, and that many will have the opportunity to do the discipleship course, 'The Greatest Journey', and come to know Jesus as their Saviour and friend.

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