Hounslow Evangelical Church

Coronavirus situation

As the situation gets more serious, so  we are having to take ever more serious measures.  Consequently all public services at our building are cancelled until further notice.  Please be assured that we will be opening as soon as it is safe and practicable to do so.  We are live streaming services at 11am on Sundays throughout this time.  Here is the link to follow at 11am on Sunday to our YouTube channel: Hounslow Evangelical Church Channel

 Please also take time to listen to our recent sermon series on our talks podcast.  We have older sermons also available here.

During the week, we will live stream short messages via our Facebook page which can be accessed here

Let's keep one another in our prayers at this time and be there for one another using the telephone, email and social media.  It will certainly make meeting together again once this has passed even more of a blessing and a privilege than it is already.  Do look forward to that and keep your eyes on Jesus.

Love in Him,